Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer Modifications

$ 19.95

Boss may not be synonymous with boutique tone, but the Fromel Supreme mod will take your harsh, tubby CS-3 compressor and push it into new (and desirable) tonal territory. The Fromel modded CS-3 adds clarity to chords and presence to single note lines. With snappy pick attack and twangy, in-your-face sustain fueled licks, the CS-3 mod is like giving your tone a bear hug without suffocating it.

This is not called the supreme mod kit for nothing. Included are detailed instructions, including photos, and all the parts to turn your CS-3 in to an incredible tone machine. No longer will your tone be weak and thin and full of hiss; instead the Supreme mods add richness and depth, increased headroom, better bass response and full body to the signal. The result is a compression that sounds natural, clean and warm.

· 1n34a Germanium diodes replace the silicone diodes in the signal path producing a warmer tone

· Every cap in the signal path is replaced with high quality Panasonic Film Caps for better tone and less noise

· Capacitor values are corrected to produce a rich full tone, and noise free operation.

If you have basic soldering skills and can follow directions, this is an easy project. Don't pay hundreds of dollars for a boutique compressor when you can upgrade your CS-3 for $19.95. I can also install the mods for you; please contact me for details.

WARNING: Performing this mod will void any warranty your pedal may have.

This is a kit to modify your pedal and there is not a pedal included in this kit.

Required Tools/supplies

* YOUR Boss Pedal
* Soldering Iron
* Solder
* De-soldering braid and?or solder sucker
* Phillips head screwdriver
* Wire Clippers

Note to International customers: Due to customs your shipment may take in excess of 4 weeks.

You can also have us install the kit for you.

Click here for info about sending your pedal in for modification.


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