Boss OD-1 Overdrive Modifications

$ 21.95

Here is your chance to forever de-value your vintage Boss OD-1 and give it the tone it deserves. The OD-1 is basically an SD-1 without a tone control so I have taken all the best from my SD-1 mod and put it in the OD-1.
The Supreme Mod OD-1 still retains all the warm, overdriven characteristics of it’s unmodded counterpart, but aslo pushes into thick, crunchy British style breakup.  It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing…if the wolf looked like a boutique, handwired amp and had the bite to match.  The modded OD-1 also cleans up great, responds well to picking dynamics and really sizzles when you dig in.
By now every OD-1 is due for a complete recap and this kit provides new filter caps and replaces the low value electrolytic caps with film caps.
Also included are instructions to convert the pedal from ACA power to the modern PSA power supply.

This is not called the supreme mod kit for nothing. Included are detailed instructions, including photos, and all the parts you need.  This Supreme mod kit takes things one step further than every other kit out there and replaces virtually every cap in your signal path with high quality Film and Mica caps. No Cheap ceramics or tantalum caps here.  Additionally, the kit includes vintage 1N34A Germanium Diodes, a socket for a new op-amp, new op-amp and a water-clear bright LED. The result is lower noise and better tone. Why be happy with an Overdrive when you can have a SUPREME Overdrive?


If you have basic soldering skills and can follow directions this is an easy project that can be completed in about 1/2 hour.

This is a kit to modify your pedal and there is no pedal included in this kit.

Required Tools/supplies

  • YOUR Boss Pedal
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • De-soldering braid and or solder sucker
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Wire Clippers


Note to International customers: Due to customs your shipment may take in excess of 4 weeks.

You can also have us install the kit for you.

Click here for info about sending your pedal in for modification.

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